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Featured Link of the Month for January 2002:

Tribal Court Clearinghouse
Tribal Court Clearinghouse has a wide variety of resources. You can find an extensive listing of court cases, law review articles, info on treaties, alcohol and substance abuse programs, and many, many more subjects. It also has links to many more sites. I highly recommend a visit to this very well laid out website.

Featured Link of the Month for December 2001:

Spanish Conquest of Native America
To quote the site: "This Site provides a Twenty-first Century glimpse at the oldest written history of America." It is very well designed and provides LOTS of information. There are maps, travelogs, detailed articles, pictures. and much more. If you have any interest in the history of the original "explorers" of the United States, this is the site to visit. I highly recommend it.

Featured Link of the Month for November 2001:

My Trip to the Ancient Ruins of Mexico and Guatemala in 2001
This is my site on my recent trip. It features approximately 800 photos of several ruins, museums and interesting (in my opinion) places.

Featured Link of the Month for October 2001:

AZTEC Student Teacher Resource Center
This is an excellent site by Thomas H. Frederiksen. It is a part of his bigger site on Mexico. The site deals with graphics, medicine, religion, leaders ad other aspects of the Aztec. If you want to know about about this Mexican tribe, this is a good place to begin.

Featured Link of the Month for September 2001:
The September 2001 "Link of the Month" is the official website for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. The Cherokee website is an excellent example of how a tribe has made use of modern technology. The website contains lots of information for the public and tribal members, as well. It has an extensive audio section, historical information, free downloads of the Cherokee language font, and soon, a language translation section. This is truly a standard for all other tribes. OK, I will admit I am a bit biased, but after all, I am Cherokee.

Featured Link of the Month for August 2001:

The Link of the Month for August 2001 is the "Making of America" website. It is a large collection of books, maps, and a wide variety of other things. If you go to the search section and type in "Indian," it will show you a large selection of digital photocopies of old books. I have used some of the data here to help compile the material for the "Dates" section of my website (and the History section below). I have found it very interesting (depressing, enlightening, etc.) to read the actual words of people involved in making the history of the United States. For example, thereare several reprints of works written by George Custer, just to name one. You will also find this website covers many subjects other than on American Indians.

Click here for "Making of America"

Featured Link of the Month for July 2001:

I am taking a different tack in this month's "Link of the Month." To help show some of the wide diversity in American Indians, I decided to feature Arigon Starr. Her site is at:

Here is a description from her website: "Native American Diva, Arigon Starr. She is a Native American Music Award winner and a member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma." Her music, or what I have heard, is best described as rock. You might enjoy checking her out.

Featured Link of the Month for June 2001:

This month's link of the month specializes in information on American Indians in Ohio. Ohio History Central has lots of different information, but you can also find out about Ohio's original inhabitants. Click on any of the links other than "Natural Ohio," and you will find a wealth of information on the local Indians. You can find it at:

Featured Link of the Month for May 2001:

This month's link of the month specializes in information on the "First Peoples" of Canada. The site is in both English and French. It is titled "First Peoples on SchoolNet - Premieres Peuples sur Rescol." You can find it on the internet by clicking here:
It is loaded with interesting information and links.

Featured Link of the Month for April 2001:

American Indian College Fund
"There are 32 tribal colleges--all founded by Indians to fight high rates of poverty, educational failure and cultural loss. These colleges created the non-profit American Indian College Fund to raise desperately-needed scholarship, endowment and operating monies."

Featured Link of the Month for March 2001: is a daily news service. It is a good place to go to see what is happening in the world of North American Indians.

There was no Link of the Month for February.

Featured Link of the Month for January 2001:

Navajo Genealogy and Family History of Harrison Lapahie Jr
Harrison's site was one of the first "personal home pages" I found on the web. I enjoyed visiting his site when I first saw it several years ago. I came back to his site recently while doing research. It is still a nice site. It presents Diné (Navajo) history, a map, genealogy, pictures, and many other thngs. It is well worth a visit.

Featured Link of the Month for December 2000:

"Indian Land Cessions in The United States."
This site has a series of maps which show the way in which Indian lands were sold, lost or taken away. If you like maps, which I do, you will find this site to be a treasure trove of information. "Your hosts are Fred Smoot and Dr. Wayne C. Moore." I highly recommend a visit to this site.

Featured Link of the Month for November 2000:

Bureau of Indian Affairs
This is the website of the part of the United States government which deals with American Indians. It lists current activities, press releases, tribal information, links, and other general information. It also has information on how to trace your relatives. To be a member of most tribes in the USA, you must first prove to the BIA that you are related by blood to someone whom they consider to be an Indian. They also discuss this. It is worth a look.

Featured Link of the Month for October 2000:

Virtual Palenque
This month's site is another fine example of advances in Internet technology. Virtual Palenque makes good use of a program called QuickTime VR to deliver 360 degree pictures from all over the Maya ruins in Palenque, Mexico. It also provides very detailed descriptions of the ruins. If you cannot make the trip to Palenque, visiting this site would give you a good idea of what it would be like to be there.

Featured Link of the Month for September 2000:

Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia
The name of this site translates to "National Institute of Antropology and History." It is a very comprehensive site about Mexico. Most of it's pages are in Spanish, but, even if you do not read this language, you can enjoy this website. It's archaeology section appears to detail every significant ruin in the country. It also offers very detailed information about the ancient people of Mexico. I highly reccommend a visit to this site.

Featured Link of the Month for August 2000:

Yaxuná Archaeology Project
This site documents a special project being conducted at Yaxuná in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico. The site has an amazing collection of Quicktime Virtual Reality pictures of this Mayan ruin. You can see many different ruins and get some very detailed explanation. It has maps, links and other interesting things. Phillip Hofstetter is to be applauded for this excellent use of the medium.

Featured Link of the Month for July 2000:

Indian Country Today Online
"Indian Country Today, a weekly newspaper that covers national news and events, is currently distributed in all fifty states and in seventeen foreign countries." I have been getting a copy of their printed version for few months now and it was interesting looking at all of different subjects being covered. If you are interested in what is happening in "Indian Country," this is a good place to look.

Featured Co-Links of the Month for June 2000:

Tribes, States and Government Agency
This site has a very LONG list of links. It has them nicely sorted into catagories, as well. You can find all kinds of places here.

Native American Genealogy
Barb has created an amazing genealogy source. Her links cover a lot of territory. This is one of the better places to start a search on the web.

Featured Link of the Month for May 2000:

The Journal of the Indian Wars
This month's link is to "a quarterly publication dedicated to interpreting the American Indian wars." It has become a very impressive publication. While the subject matter is somewhat narrow in scope, the details are extensive. While preparing the dates section of my site, I came across many well produced works. I remain impressed by the depth of the material in this publication. The website contains detailed samples from each issue of this publication.

Featured Link of the Month for April 2000:

tatankasapa's Home Page
This month's Link of the Month covers a lots of material including: LINKS, Poetry And Prayers, SEARCH, A Special note for Native Americans, Quotes, Legends, Lore and Myths and The Four Values Of The Lakota.

Featured Link of the Month for March 2000:

Dennis Eagle Horse
This month's Link of the Month is Dennis Eagle Horse's home page. Dennis has done some excellent artwork. Additionally, his web site is very creative. It is an example of what web sites can be when modern web design technology is used.

Featured Link of the Month for February 2000:

Native American Navigator Project Pages
This site's stated goal is to provide "easy access to Native American information and organizations, a forum for student discussions and publication of their project work, and tools for Native Amercian research within the networked classroom." It also has an excellent map of the United States. You can click on a region and it will show you a more detailed map. Click again, and it takes you to a links page for that area. Set some time aside to explore this very informative site.

Featured Link of the Month for January 2000:

~BamaRiver Native American Wisdom~
This is a bit different from the other "Link of the Month" sites I have listed so far. It is a bit smaller and offers a smaller selection of on-page information or links. However, "Bama" offers up some excellent pieces of Native Wisdom. This site is the home of a very enjoyable daily e-mail newsletter. The newsletters usually serve up a daily offering of insights, stories or biographies. It is well worth a visit, and even an application to get their newsletter.

Featured Link of the Month for December 1999:

Rider's Native Information Exchange
Rider have a very nice site. There are lots of links and information on many different subjects. It also includes information from John Swanton's monumental work on the Indians of North America. These pages have comprehensive information of many tribal groups. Rider has divided it into a different page for each state which is covered. I think you will enjoy a visit to Rider's site.

Featured Co-Link of the Month for November 1999:

National American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month Website
In honor of this event, this site is the Co-Link of the Month. The Indian Health Service has created a page to celebrate this event. They have a nice calendar of events, among other things.

Featured Co-Link of the Month for November 1999:

RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
I receive more questions on genealogy than on any other subject. One of the very best places to conduct a genealogical seach is Rootsweb. This is a MASSIVE organization. There are thousands of dedicated people who have made web pages within this site. You can find lots of information on all cultures, races and areas, but they have excellent resources for North American Indians, as well.

Featured Link of the Month for October 1999:

Native American Baby Names
Other than questions on genealogy, (which I always refer to the sites on my genealogy links page) the most common question I get from my e-mail is a request to find someone a name. So, here is a site with lots of names from many different tribes. Enjoy!

Featured Link of the Month for September 1999:

Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Glenn H. Welker has created a very comprehensive site. It includes links to many sites, information on many tribes, biographies on many people, and a very large selection of Native literature. Glenn now has his own address at You can find links to his pages throughout my links pages. Additionaly, he has discussions on ongoing social issues. This is a site well worth visiting!

Featured Link of the Month for August 1999:

The Indigenous Circle
"Ladyscribe" has created a very good links site. It is nicely designed with different subjects on different pages. The topics covered are: Activism, Art, Associations, Dance, Education, Employment, Famous Native Americans, Food, Fun Stuff, Gaming, Gatherings, Genealogy, Government, History, Housing, Languages, Law, Listservers/Newsgroups, Literature, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Music, Nations, Natural Resources, News, Personal Pages, Petitions, Politics, Prisoners, Spirituality, Theatre and Youth.

Featured Link of the Month for July 1999:

History of the Cherokee - White Indian's Homepage
Ken Martin has put together an excellent site. It is one of the very best Cherokee site on the net, if not THE best. While it specializes in Cherokee history, it also has many other well written articles, maps, pictures, artwork, and genealogical information. It also has an extensive links section on both Cherokee and other American Indian sites. Ken's site is well worth an extended visit.

Featured Link of the Month for June 1999:

Native Web Site Evaluation
Elaine Cubbins' excellent site with guidelines on evaluating sites for their validity. This is a great place for people exploring "native cultures" on the web to start their search.

Featured Link of the Month for May 1999:

A Line in the Sand
Cultural property includes not only land and other tangible property, but ideas, traditions, and other non-tangibles. Cultural property belongs to the cultural group, rather than to an individual. As an individual has the right to control use of his/her property, the cultural group has the right to control the use of its property. Not all people recognize cultural property. As a result some individuals will use another group's cultural properties without permission; often that use is offensive to the cultural group, because their property is used in a way that distorts or is disrespectful to the group's beliefs.

There was no Link of the Month for April 1999.

Featured Link of the Month for March 1999:

Historical Documents Archive
Don Mabry, at Mississippi State University, has put together an amazing site. It has numerous links to detailed information on American Indians. Even more, it has TONS of information on lots of different subjects. If you are looking for information, try looking here first.

Featured Link of the Month for February 1999:

Arctic Circle
This is a very impressive site covering many subject dealing with the land "up north." It has an extensive section on the Indigenous People of the north. This covers "Exploring the past, Colonization, Euro-American Portrayals, Indigenous Response, Ethnographic Portraits." It also covers many other subjects. Give it a visit.

Featured Link of the Month for January 1999:

American Indian Resources
Maintained by Will Karkavelas, this is a very comprehensive Links site. It is part of the even larger "Multicultural Resources on the Internet." Will has done an excellent job of finding sites and presenting them in an easy to find manner.

Featured Link of the Month for December 1998:

Envirotext Search Page
This site is from EnviroTech On-line. It is a great place to search for information on tribes, treaties, etc. This search engine goes through a massive governmental database. Just type in the subject, check the "Native American" checkboxes, and it will bring you tons of information.

Featured Link of the Month for November 1998:

Bill's Aboriginal Links
Bill's site was one of the first I found on the Net. It has links to "Aboriginal People" all over the globe. He also has sections on: Human Rights, Environment, Aboriginal Arts, Cultural Links, Aboriginal Law and Legislation. Bill's site is well done and worthy of many hours of your "surfing" time.

Featured Link of the Month for October 1998:

American Indian Link Exchange
Great page, lots of links, artwork (used to be "Native American Who's Hot")

Featured Link of the Month for September 1998:

NASC: Web links of Interest
Native American Story Circle/Sound Clips, "provides Issues, News, Histories, and a few Stories" - massive lists of links & a prolific newsletter

Featured Link of the Month for August 1998:

  • American Indian Ethnobotany Database
    food, drugs, dyes & fibers of Native North American Peoples - MASSIVE! -- "Co-Link of the Month"

    Medicinal Plants of Native Americans Data Base
    a truly massive database listing herbs & plants tribes used for medicinal purposes -- "Co-Link of the Month"

  • Featured Link of the Month for July 1998:

    an excellent resource

    Featured Link of the Month for June 1998:

    NativeTech: Internet Links To Native American Resources
    a very comprehensive list of links with detailed descriptions of other sites -- "Co-Link of the Month"

    NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art

    Featured Link of the Month for May 1998:

    Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
    Karen Strom's magnificent list of links & info--Great!

    Featured Link of the Month for April 1998:

    Native American Sites
    Lisa Mitten's great site with a wide variety of information & links to sites

    Featured Link of the Month for March 1998:

    First Nation
    JS Dill's massive work with links everywhere

    Featured Link of the Month for February 1998:

    Native American Indian Art, Culture, Education, History, Science
    The late Paula Giese's great resource center

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