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These Pictures are from Uxmal.

Uxmal is the crown jewel of the Ruta Puuc. It is a very large complex located south-south-west from Muna and Merida, Yucatan. This was the most expensive of all of the runs I visited. It was 80 NP. They have a night time "Light and Sound" show here now, too. You usually get around 2 hours to stay here on the round trip Ruta Puuc tour. You can also get direct service to and from Uxmal from Merida. You could take a casual stroll through much of the site in two hours. It is worth a much longer stay, if you have the time. As with most sites, there is lots of work going on here. The main pyramid was closed to climbers. My mind and heart were sad, but my blisters were relieved. Uxmal is pronounced "oosh-MAHL".

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