Maya Ruins Travel Tips and Bus Info by Phil Konstantin

The purpose of this page is to share some of the information I got from other sources, or and learned from first hand experience.

Before my trip to Mexico in September 2000, I spent a fair amount of time searching through the Internet and various books trying to get information. I looked for information on places to stay, transportation, ruin site info, other people suggestions, and how much all of this would cost. I did find several good sites which offered quitea bit of information. I have three travel guides with me, and I had gone through several more at home. I had also gone through many more academic type books in order to educate myself on what I was about to see.

You will find a hodge podge of information here such as:

Maya Ruin site tips
Maya Ruin site times
Maya Ruin site costs
weather tips
clothing tips
insect tips
luggage storage
E-mail, Internet and Communications info
hotel/hostel info
hotel/hostel costs
hotel/hostel tips
language tips
travel guide suggestions
bus schedules
bus prices
bus varieties
bus riding tips
...and whatever else comes to mind

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