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This ring is dedicated to internet sites which feature historical information.
If you love history, you will enjoy the informative sites on The History Ring.
The purpose of this ring is to expose the viewers to a wide variety of sites.
If you are unfamiliar with Internet or Web Rings, they link together different Internet sites.
A person finding The History Ring logo can visit every member's site, without having to use a search engine or know the other sites' Internet location.
Any site, covering any period of time, or historical figure may join the ring, as long as your page is suitable for ALL age groups.

The History Ring is primarily designed for non-commerical sites. A commercial site must have significant historical content before it will be considered for membership

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If you are visiting the History Ring, most sites will have one of the History Ring logos on their page. A few may not. They all have the History Ring link box which will lead you to other members' sites.

Below you will find:
  1. A place where members can edit their site listings.
  2. And a list of History Ring member pages (so you can see an example).
  3. A link to my own history page.

Yahoo has taken control of (the people who make the Ring possible). Being Yahoo, they have decided to change everything and not to tell people how things work. So, if you have difficulties getting things to work, I might not be able to help you.

Make sure you add the Yahoo coding on the page which you list in your application.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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you can edit the Ring's information about your page.

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